20180314 Start leaving nagoya

#03/14 Last day at Yamada Lab

It is sad to say goodbye to people at my former Laboratory Yamada Lab. I will miss you guys and will comeback here when I have chance. One year Postdoc here have taught me a lot that I won’t forget.

#0315 Conveyer for Bos Le Anh Tuan at Sakae Nagoya

Long time no do physical work. Iam waiting at Sakae station to for a day work from 9:00 am – 2:00pm. It made me remember about 8 years ago when I work as parcel transport with Nguyen tuan anh at Mizuho, Gifu.


20118/03/08 Her and international women day

Confessions about her

#0308 Still don’t know how to connect with her

I have sent a lot of confessions, music, and every thing I think She could concern but her reply is scarce. I want to talk, chat and share opinion with her in dual way not unilateral way like this.

I know I must figure out solution by myself because no one could help me except myself.

I have confessed to her that I have impressed to another girl just by reading her post about skydiving. I want to know did her really care about me or she just think I am an option in her life. I am so confused and desperate.

2018/02/10 Her

#0210 11:30pm,she is online but ignore my messages

I am going to be mad now. I really don’t know how to get her attention and have conversations with her. 7 days from her last seen on my messages, 9 days from last reply, I am scared that my crush to her will be faded by time without connection. We don’t have any mutual friend and other connections, so I feel powerless and stressed in finding out a way to connect to her.

Why she is so cold and What is my wrong T_T, I don’t know how to figure out these struggles. I see that my social skill and joking is so bad and sometimes is ungrateful,

#0212 She continues to ignore my messages

and I don’t know how to overcome this irritated feeling. Can’t help thinking about her and my future. How could I talk with a girl T_T

#0218 Mùng 3 Tết, Day 18 she still ignore my messages

She finally shown up on Facebook after two weeks offline , may be to reply to her friends private congratulations message.

There is nothing new update from her Facebook since Jan 23,2018. So, I don’t know how to start conversations with her, which topic will take her interest. So stressful

#0219 Special day again, She replied to my messages.

I could not explain how I am feel now. She finally replied to my messages after nearly one month. Lucky for me, hope everything go well.

#0220 Wow She go online and immediately offline again.

I don’t know why because she doesn’t share anything to me. How could I keep motivation and follow her when We have near zero connection and communication. I feel desperate now. Pitiful me T_T

#0226 She go online one time a day.

She is trying to reduce wasted time on facebook and I don’t know how to keep connection with her. Because, she doesn’t share anything new, that make me hard to find something to chat with her.

I am really desperate that I have sent friend request to her Papa and Mama. They doesn’t accept my request because they don’t know who I am but I won’t give up. I will try my best to prove that I am believable people, honest and have kind heart.

#0227 I miss her so much

I don’t know why I still keep crush on her for that long time. I don’t know why she go offline and refuse to give me her phone number. May be I forced her to read a lot of tedious messages from me, or want her feed back too much. May be she feel discomfort and she chooses go offline to avoid this awkward situation.

#0228 Last day of February could help thinking about her

I don’t know why I couldn’t help thinking about her. Today is the last official workday at Nagoya University and I have made encoder work. I m so happy about that but I couldn’t tell her because she is going to reduce time use facebook. I don’t know why I like her so much even though I have never meet her before. I want to meet her but I don’t know how to ask her out.

Took a cup of Starbucks mint tea and enjoy last official day at Nagoya University

I felt so happy when Phuoc invite me to have dinner with him and his friends Thinh, Tuan.

I have good impression about Tuan when I know he had prepared dinner for us. Stew beef is tasty and we have talked about some stuff. I just curious why Tuan don’t want to say the name of his company, I accepted that I am not close friend and he don’t want to say it.

I felt I can’t join with Phuoc, Thịnh conversations. Look like I miss her so much and want to talk with her but I don’t know how to or I can’t find a reason to talk with her.

20180202 Last month in Nagoya

#1 Farewell party with LAB members.

I will miss you guys so much.

#2 Watch U23 Asian Cup Final match

Long time we don’t unite, Vyto.

#3 work hard to finish assignments

I feel ashamed when I haven’t try my best.

#4 badminton with Nuvpa

We have great time to play and enjoy badminton.

# 5 I felt so stressful right now

I don’t know what to do, what should I choose. Life is so complicated that make your mind want to explode.

#6 20180205 I don’t know what to do

I feel so stressed now, hu hu. I go everywhere meet every people but it couldn’t help me about missing you. Where are you, summer. I miss your fun comments, deep post and quotes. I remember about your fun note and sparkling insta post.

#6 20180206 I feel so sad when I am leaving here. Setup meeting with Nguyen Tuan Anh 8 years ago friend.

Actually, I have live in tokai area for 7 years and I will move to a new area at Tsukuba for next 1.5 year. I have just contacted a friend who came to Gifu with me 8 years ago. There are some nostalgic about that time and I think I am going to say farewell and see him next next time.

#7 0207 9:15 Am Missing her so much

I know you are really busy in chasing your dream, your research and your eagerness to travel around the world. I am not your priority and of course you couldn’t have much time for me. I don’t know how to keep you in my mind when we don’t have much time together. …
The only way to keep all memory about you won’t fade from my mind is following your facebook, react to the joyful time you have with another friends, read other’s comments about you and hope that I will have a chance to meet you in reality.
– Sentimental Crazier –

7:30 Pm, It is so hard to follow you. I am so anxious, irritated and worry that I could hold this feeling. I don’t know what is my future and how could I be happy T_T. Life is so hard to survive.

#20180209 12:38 pm Couldn’t resist her

I couldn’t resist that she is online but don’t care to check my messages. Đến tư cách được seen messages còn không có thì làm sao có cơ hội gặp đây.

#20180211 7:41pm Vysa tokai Tet

I feel so complicated now. Ex-crush is so attractive that made me confused between Ex-crush and current crush. I don’t know what to do, who is more suitable to me. Because, current crush is ignoring all of my messages for one week and I am not sure she like me or not. Could I have enough enthusiasm to follow her. Life is so complicated.

#20180212 Tennis in the early morning

Sáng sớm lại tennis. Thực sự chưa thấy em nào mà phũ mình dã man như em tennis, lại chịu các thể loại ném đá, chém gió từ mọi người xung quanh như thế này.

Moá vẫn quyết tâm theo em tennis. Haiz có tinh thần này mà tán gái thì tốt biết mấy.

#20180219 Long comment on Friend’s facebook post

First of all, I want to give deepest apologies to all of my friend and Nguyen Xuan Phuoc‘ friend for unsolicited new feeds. My mind could not retain my unsuppressed emotion to comment on past facebook post of my social friend. And with recent change about algorithm of facebook new feeds which tend to show more post relate to friends, as a result, my comments are ubiquitously shown on your new feeds.
But you could chose following method get rid of discomfort:
1. Ignore my comment 😂
2. Off facebook
3. Block me
4. Unfriend me or Nguyen Xuan Phuoc ( Not recommend)
5. Block innocent Nguyen Xuan Phuoc ( Highly disagree)😡
Secondly, I could not agree more about the quotes in his post. Before read this quote, I often hesitate to give away valuable thing such as intangible things( my time, my emotion, my admire, my care…) and tangible thing as( a jar of lemonade, a big water lemon for his birthday, a book to nurture his soul,…) to him and other friends. Because, I am an equalism people who want an immediately give back for everything I gave. But his post has changed my mind, made me grow up and help me control my urge desire for instant give back.
Finally, this comment go too far from an informal comment between friend and content of the original quotes. But, all I want to say is that I want to explain the meaning of this quote in my own way:
“If you’re ready to give away what’s valuabe to you with out instant desire to get back an equavalent thing, you may be amazed at what the world gives back”.
From Ngôn Tình fan with sincere emotion. 😬😬😬😬

# 0221 Learn new word

I am a fickle lover.

20180125 Complicated feelings when I am going to leave Nagoya


Haiz sao anh nhớ anh em thế chứ. Moá tình chỉ đẹp khi tình dang dở. Ở lâu rồi chỉ muốn đuổi nhau đi


Nói chung giữ contact. Có việc gì thì nhờ vả nhau thôi. Đời Postdoc giống kiểu du canh du mục. Cả đời khó kiếm nổi một ai chân thành :))


Anh còn nát hết cả não ra đây. Chán, cảm giác như đang tuổi 19 mới bước vào đại học, không biết là lựa chọn đúng hay sai haiz


Mưa tuyết tiếp lạnh quá. Ko chơi tennis được òi. Mùa đông ở đây đóng băng cảm xúc của người sắp ra đi