Terminate following declaration

Base on inspired post from Bà Dì Nulo  “Break up announcement- Thuy Kieu”, i think it is not fair for men when we are pitiful followers and can be ditched, blocked facebook, unfriend facebook at anytime depend on the girl’s mood. So, from my real experience on the endless road to find “the one”, i would better write down “Terminate following declaration” to awaken blind in following guys:

Dear adorable girls who i following

I am regret to announce that i must terminate following you. It is obviously that you don’t care about my friend request,  ignore and didn’t show any interest in my messages. Sometime in worst case, block me after receive overwhelming complete nonsense messages from me :)) (this is my fault so i am trying to improve my chat skill now:)) ), unfriend me because of my joking comments.   Following you in desperate made me broken-down. In addition, as a poor guy try for surviving in Japan, i am also burdened with stress in work,  dead line in report ,and glorious purpose to look for airblade comrades.

I need someone who can rescue my boring life and be my “the one” :)). Since you have not yet shown any positive signal to me which is supposed to be done by a real “the one”, I have made up my mind to terminate following you.

Although you and i don’t have any precious memories, i want to let you know that this sudden terminating is not wanted. I therefore promote friend relationship to take over “sudden terminating”. If you don’t mind, we can keep friend and learn from each others (unfeasible for blocked, unfriend case).

I would appreciated it if you concern my proposal (in recommendation meaning:)) ). I hope we have fun as  social friends.

Thank for everything.


Your follower, The moon man

0001 Moon of Earth
Milky Way Galaxy, Known Universe 1

Ps: Sorry for a lot of grammar mistakes and typos.



Author: buidinhba5

Robotics Engineer! Tennis Lover Airblade crazier Englishcoholic

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