20171119Why I am so mad today

2017/11/19 Sunday, I decided to break the silent between me and stranger. I try to be honest and ask some meaningful questions. I am happy when The stranger reply but just it, two messages no more. I feel really hard to find a good question because The stranger is very cold, don’t openly talk with me.

In the afternoon, I am going to play tennis at Meijo Park, but miss communication between me and leader let me think they will start from 7 Pm. Furthermore, i decided to take a nap and wake up at 5:30 Pm. Unfortunately, they change schedule to play from 5:00-7 pm, I rushed in to subway and arrived Meijo court at 6pm. I feel unsatisfied when I could play for only one hour. But at least, I meet an awesome Japanese guy who Play tennis from 10 year old. Ok fine, that is my day.


Nagoya city life learning tuition, pain experience

  1. 150,000 Yen Turn back car fees, take care when you first come to Nagoya and try to drive your car on Nagoya’s road. Traffic in Nagoya is crazy and people change lane with out notification. Use Bus, Subway instead. Here is my painful experience when turn back my car in a narrow road in Nagoya with out high attention and careful
  2. 1500 Yen for leave you bicycle in prohibit area ( around station). Please don’t leave your bicycle 400m around subway station and JR station in Nagoya. If not, all you need is take your identification card, Seal and 1500 Yen to bicycle keeping place to get your bicycle T_T. Here is japanese link about prohibit parking in Nagoya, i am sorry that i cant find any english translate for this information http://www.city.nagoya.jp/kurashi/category/2-2-3-3-0-0-0-0-0-0.html . and  http://www.city.nagoya.jp/en/page/0000013868.html is traffic rule in english. This is picture about my illegal parking report, Fine is 1500 Yen for bicycle and 3000 yen for Motor bike. img1494665062748WPJXW5JX6W2MrAMSg0fYNV64
  3. 2600 Yen for let your car at parking lot over 24 hour. There are a lot of parking lot in Nagoya, they often offer 24 hour parking with 1200Yen. But when you pass over 24hour, 200Yen per hour will be charge to your car. So remember to pay parking fee every 24 hour.                1800405