20180109 Research life- job hunting 2018

#1/09 Tuesday

I am dying in waiting reply email from Professor. I don’t know could I remain here for next year or not so I decide to start job hunting for 2018. The I want to write motivation letter but don’t know how to start how to make my letter attract recruiter. I feel hopeless for my writing ability and express my desire for that job.

But practice make perfect so, I will try calm down and take back to work. Hope for a better future. Research life is not easy.

#1/09 8:30 Pm

Dear Researcher Adrien Escande and Researcher Mitsuharu Morisawa,

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in Nagoya University about human-robot collaboration and safety assessment and my contract will end in March. When I am looking for a new job about robotics, I have deep interest in research engineer position at your laboratory from robotics-worldwide Vol 149, Issue 8. My enthusiasm about HRP-2 humanoid robot and desire for learning newest technology motive me to apply for this position.

During my Ph.D study, I gained experience about control system, developed programing skill with C++, python. Currently, I am working on several projects relate to human-robot collaboration and assess safety of robot motion. These experiences will help me quickly catchup with work in your laboratory such as assisting researchers to port their latest algorithms in those demos, and some groundwork software development to ease the setup and improve the demos.

In the research engineer position at your laboratory, I will be able to utilize programing skill and control design skill to support researcher achieve Human-robot safe and operationally efficient collaboration in COMANOID project.

I am a quick learner, very motivated and have great enthusiasm about AI robot, cognitive robotics. I would like to further elaborate on my motivation and competences during an interview.

Best regards,

Bui Dinh Ba

#1/17 4:51pm Couldn’t help feeling sad

I have received mail from Prof and know that i will not be able to stay here in next year. I have previously prepared for this worst result but still feel sad because of a lot of reason. I miss people and good relationships I have built in Nagoya, I feel disappointed when I hadn’t worked hard enough and I feel worry about unstable future. Where will I go or what should I do know. ….

1/18 Dinner with students and Prof

We have dinner with Prof. YAMADA, Robin, Sennin and Kim at Akakara Yagoto. We talk and share opinions about all stuff of life and enjoy time in Nagoya. Actually, the research here is not my desiring research but atmosphere and people in our laboratory are very kind and friendly.

#1/22 Waiting job results and work for the remaining two months

I have finished interview for a robotics coding engineer in Tsukuba, japan and really anxious in waiting result. According with job hunting, I have to finish task about design test system and conduct experiments for a worm gear called Roller Turn in the remaining two months. It is really crazy now when I have only two months ago and must leave Japan if I could not find a work to renew my Visa. I could share with my friends because they are busy and don’t have time to hear me complain. I don’t know how to stop this complicated feeling and writing here is one of method to calm excited me. I feel lonely and confused about the future. Hope I could have enough courage and lucky to overcome this depressed time.

I don’t know what to do now, I have a dream to do postdoc at top 10 University of American but my English like shit, I have tried hard to learn in one year but It didn’t improve so much as I expected. Now I am confusing about stay in Japan or comeback Vietnam.

I am apprehensive about the results of the interview. Dying in waiting for result.

#1/24 10:00 am wow I felt so proud and happy, finally I got accepted to the job at JRL laboratory.

I really happy now but I suddenly felt missing Nagoya. I will miss new friends and activities here so much, I will comeback to meet these friend definitely.

Now I realized that the day i received offer for new position is a snow day in Nagoya. I felt Nagoya is feeling sad when It must say goodbye to me in next 2 months.


Valuable tips to email professors for PhD and Postdoc positions

Very nice post from Danial Yousaf in PhD and Postdoc positions


His post say about basic things but in a good organization. I hope in one day i can write a quality post like this

Dear brothers and sisters, if you are planning to contact foreign professors for a postgraduate position in his/her lab or you have already emailed a lot of professors but not getting a positive response, this post is for you. Keep reading.

I used to email professors on regular basis without any luck at all. Then I changed my approach and it really paid off. I got positive response from many professors and some of them invited me to interviews too. Even those professors who had no open position emailed me and thanked me for my interest in their labs and advised me to keep visiting their webpages.

Here are some valuable tips for you. I am hopeful they will be useful to you.

1. Always prefer quality over quantity. Never throw a large number of poorly written emails, rather send a limited number of quality emails. For this, you have to dedicate a good amount of time to every single email.

2. Write a separate email to each professor. Do not send a generalized email to every one. Show the professor that you have indeed worked hard and you are a serious candidate.

3. Only send email to a professor if your research interest matches his/her work OR you can demonstrate a solid interest in and a sound knowledge of the professors area of research.

4. Before emailing, always visit the website of the professor and know about what research he or she is currently doing. It is not going to help if you show your interest in an area in which professor worked say 20 years ago.

5. The most important point is doing proper homework before sending an email. Read at least one paper of the professor 3 times and ask yourself these questions: how your previous research correlates with this work, what can you add to this work to make it more effective, what new methods/techniques can be applied, why are you finding this research work compelling, etc. Please remember that the more homework you do greater the chances are that you will impress the professor.

6. Once you have done your homework, its time to compose the email. Obey the following rules:
A. After salutations, introduce yourself briefly and mention the purpose of your email.
B. Show your interest in professors work by referring to his/her publications. Try to use the language used by professor in his/her articles. Proposing a new and plausible idea is always good to get the professors attention.
C. Briefly state how you can be a good addition to professor’s lab by mentioning your past experience.
D. Close your email by showing your interest in joining professors lab
E. Attach your CV and send the email. Please note that the email should be brief and to the point.
F. If a professor refuses to offer you a position, reply in a cordial manner and pay thanks for his/her time. It is likely that the professor will contact you if there was a position in his/her lab in the future.

Please note that searching for a funded position is an arduous task and you should never lose hope even if you dont get good response. If you can be persistent in your hunt, you will surely get a good offer. Thanks and best wishes to all of you.

PhD job, Postdoctoral Position hunting from view of a Phd in Japan University

Don’t hesitate to apply every where every position you think is possible and wait for a lucky offer :D,

  1. Most important page for Postdoctoral position in Japan, but you need to know Japanese to search job and setting matching email notify relate to your field, position you want:

2. Google keyword: Postdoctoral position + Your field (E.g. Mechanical Engineering), Kinh nghiệm tìm postdoc  ( + Ở Mỹ, Ở Châu âu .. )

Some website:

Facebook group

Conclusions:  Don’t hesitate to apply every where every position you think is possible and wait for a lucky offer 😀, make connection with other researchers and Professors, and English is the most important thing in my view T_T.

Featured Image sourece: https://graddiv.ucsc.edu/post-docs/thinking.html

Ps: Some website help writing a CV or application mail

  1. https://english.washington.edu/writing-cover-letter
  2. http://isites.harvard.edu/fs/html/icb.topic58474/Verba-recs.html
  3. http://ocs.fas.harvard.edu/files/ocs/files/gsas-cvs-and-cover-letters.pdf

Một bài viết rất hay về cách tìm posdoc theo phương pháp thủ công, mất thời gian nhưng cực kỳ hiệu quả:

  1. http://sinhvienusa.org/2013/12/09/kinh-nghiem-tim-postdoc-o-my/