20180112 Development relationship with English


I feel dump and silly when I can’t understand how to put adverb in sentence. After struggle for long time, finally I understand it https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/about-adjectives-and-adverbs/adverbs-and-adverb-phrases-position

There are three positions:

First position, end position and mid position. I am confused when adverb is in mid position. Now I have understood that Mid position is position between subject and verb.

Where there is more than one verb, mid position means after the first auxiliary verb or after a model verb.

My confused is that: She ate quickly. She quickly ate. Both true, but she ate quickly lunch is false. She ate lunch quickly is true


20180110 Nagoya lonely life

12/19 Dinner together with ACE Circle

I feel so lonely here where I have no friend and often go for lunch alone. That is the reason I really like Event of ACE, a circle in Nagoya University when they often organize dinner together or lunch together, where lonely people meet each other have chat, conversations to facilitate their desolation.

We go to okonomiyaki om 2017/12/19 Tuesday

Here we go to Dinner together with ACE Circle at
Belgian Beer & Slow Food Cafe Lembeek
〒464-0036 Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Chikusa-ku, Honyamachō, 4 Chome−4−52−2, ハートイン本山



#1/19 coffe with Nuvpa members

Thank Mr. Le Anh Son for organizing this coffee break with NUVPAERS at Starbucks, Nagoya University Library. It is a good chance to communicate with our community and enhance connection between members.

20180109 Research life- job hunting 2018

#1/09 Tuesday

I am dying in waiting reply email from Professor. I don’t know could I remain here for next year or not so I decide to start job hunting for 2018. The I want to write motivation letter but don’t know how to start how to make my letter attract recruiter. I feel hopeless for my writing ability and express my desire for that job.

But practice make perfect so, I will try calm down and take back to work. Hope for a better future. Research life is not easy.

#1/09 8:30 Pm

Dear Researcher Adrien Escande and Researcher Mitsuharu Morisawa,

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in Nagoya University about human-robot collaboration and safety assessment and my contract will end in March. When I am looking for a new job about robotics, I have deep interest in research engineer position at your laboratory from robotics-worldwide Vol 149, Issue 8. My enthusiasm about HRP-2 humanoid robot and desire for learning newest technology motive me to apply for this position.

During my Ph.D study, I gained experience about control system, developed programing skill with C++, python. Currently, I am working on several projects relate to human-robot collaboration and assess safety of robot motion. These experiences will help me quickly catchup with work in your laboratory such as assisting researchers to port their latest algorithms in those demos, and some groundwork software development to ease the setup and improve the demos.

In the research engineer position at your laboratory, I will be able to utilize programing skill and control design skill to support researcher achieve Human-robot safe and operationally efficient collaboration in COMANOID project.

I am a quick learner, very motivated and have great enthusiasm about AI robot, cognitive robotics. I would like to further elaborate on my motivation and competences during an interview.

Best regards,

Bui Dinh Ba

#1/17 4:51pm Couldn’t help feeling sad

I have received mail from Prof and know that i will not be able to stay here in next year. I have previously prepared for this worst result but still feel sad because of a lot of reason. I miss people and good relationships I have built in Nagoya, I feel disappointed when I hadn’t worked hard enough and I feel worry about unstable future. Where will I go or what should I do know. ….

1/18 Dinner with students and Prof

We have dinner with Prof. YAMADA, Robin, Sennin and Kim at Akakara Yagoto. We talk and share opinions about all stuff of life and enjoy time in Nagoya. Actually, the research here is not my desiring research but atmosphere and people in our laboratory are very kind and friendly.

#1/22 Waiting job results and work for the remaining two months

I have finished interview for a robotics coding engineer in Tsukuba, japan and really anxious in waiting result. According with job hunting, I have to finish task about design test system and conduct experiments for a worm gear called Roller Turn in the remaining two months. It is really crazy now when I have only two months ago and must leave Japan if I could not find a work to renew my Visa. I could share with my friends because they are busy and don’t have time to hear me complain. I don’t know how to stop this complicated feeling and writing here is one of method to calm excited me. I feel lonely and confused about the future. Hope I could have enough courage and lucky to overcome this depressed time.

I don’t know what to do now, I have a dream to do postdoc at top 10 University of American but my English like shit, I have tried hard to learn in one year but It didn’t improve so much as I expected. Now I am confusing about stay in Japan or comeback Vietnam.

I am apprehensive about the results of the interview. Dying in waiting for result.

#1/24 10:00 am wow I felt so proud and happy, finally I got accepted to the job at JRL laboratory.

I really happy now but I suddenly felt missing Nagoya. I will miss new friends and activities here so much, I will comeback to meet these friend definitely.

Now I realized that the day i received offer for new position is a snow day in Nagoya. I felt Nagoya is feeling sad when It must say goodbye to me in next 2 months.

2017 /01/03 Tennis and breakfast with Tsurumai Tennis circle

1. Breakfast with Tsurumai Tennis circle

This is the first time I have breakfast with so many members of our circle. We took breakfast at Gasuto near Tsurumai station and enjoyed conversations.

2. 1/03 Wednesday 9:44 Pm new racket

My new racket have just arrived. Can’t wait to use it on tomorrow morning.

Yonex Vcore tour F.

1/05 Friday,

Start working again and only 6 people play today

Oh. I forgot to tell you all that I have new uniform and isn’t it fit with my new racket :))

1/09 7:00 Am Play tennis at dawn and drizzle


Although have drizzle at dawn, I still decided to go to Tsurumai park with little hope that someone will come. Fortunately, there are three people there and we had an interesting match.

1/12 7:00Am Yoshikawa san have comic picture on Newspaper

We celebrate Yoshikawa san for his accepted art on Chunichi Newspaper

1/20 6:17 Am Play tennis when the sun still hide under horizontal line, prepare for challenge tour in afternoon

Today, I am really excited for upcoming friendships match with Topspin Fukiage club from 1:00 pm. I woke up in 5:50 Am to play at Tsurumai Park as usual and It is a good warming up for matches in afternoon.

We come to play with Topspin Fukiage club as visitors from 1-5 pm. All my expectations about meeting with 5.5Ntrp player went down when the highest level guy may be 3.5. And we can only play rotation with 20 other members on three courts, not enough time for practice and warming up. Anyway, we have earned experience about friendship tour with Japanese club. I have determined to upgrade my level before go to tournaments around nagoya.

After finish playing with Topspin fukiage, I go to play with my main weekend club Nagoya Tennis and It is more fun although I am exhausted.

I love Ms. Tennis so much but I feel when I more understand about her, the more impossible feeling urge. MS. Tennis is to elegant, noble class. If you want to follow her, you must improve a lot of skill as patient, stroke, backhand, slice, volley, serve… And tactic, mental control,…. My goal is to successfully flirt Ms. Tennis 4.0 (it means attain level 4.0 ntrp ( very good player)), but every time I feel I am going in the right way, I got dumped by her friend as 3.0 or 3.5 guys. I know that the road to meet Her 4.0 is not smooth or cover with rose, It is a rough road with rose’s thorns but I will won’t give up easily, I will try my best to the goal I set so I won’t regret when I can’t reach because I have tried my best.

2017 in review, and 2018’s resolutions

Inspired from Châu Thành Vũ blog’s post, I write down my own 2017 in review and 2018’s resolutions to encourage me to improve English writing and learn new knowledge.

A. Some achievements

1. Finished PhD course
2. Found a new job at Nagoya University
3. Co-founded Nagoya University Vietnamese People Association NUVPA
4. Attend VYSA-TOKAI association and make new friends
5. Accidental meet a friendly senior citizen who like to play tennis and I have joined his team. We play every earnly morning from 5:30- 8:30 Am at Tsurumai Park, Nagoya, Japan.
6. Knew about Nagoya Tennis group on facebook and often play with them at the weekend.
7. Established Nagoya University International Tennis Club for foreign students and people at Nagoya University who like Tennis and English.
8. Follow inspired people on facebook to motivate me to improve my English, gain healthy knowledge.

B. The tough road of finding the one.

1. Stop follow a girl at medical school who I have followed in three years.
Reason: She like research and don’t have intend to find a boyfriend. She persue her academic career in US. I lost passion about her because I realized that we don’t have many common point as I thougt when I crush her. Her feedback if vague and not clearly respond make me tired.
2. Meet a FTU girl that is cousin daughter of my cousin sister’s colleague. Imediately crush her but diappointed when she confessed she have a guy she like and he also like her. How to say, in my understand, they are not officially couple but they like eachother, so we can call that is final round boyfriend candidate. When I still crush her, I think I still have a chance to fight with that guy, so I tried to follow her for about three more months. Finally I decided to stop follow her. Reason:I don’t want to break up her relationship although it is not official but they like eachother that is point. I decided to follow other girl. I realized that her character is too diffirent with me. She lived 300 km far from my place. She officially posted a picture of her with him on facebook.
3. Persued and stop follow another girl from FTU in Viet Nam in 3 months. Reson: I am too blind to believe on facebook. When I first meet her, I realized we have too different characters. She have so sharp-tongued and care too much about economy, monetary.
4. Persued and get blocked by a girl at my workplace in two weeks. Her reason: We don’t fit together. I still follow her for two more months but I decided to pause following her. Reason: My crush on her is over and I realized it is not easy to accept her character, her far away home town. I may found the real “the one”. I could only follow one girl at time.

That’s it for 2017. Here’s my New Year resolutions:

1. Keep motivation to follow her.
2. Improve my Tennis skill to 3-3.5 NTRP
3. Write at least a conference paper and a journal paper about human-robot collaboration, safety assessment.
4. Connect with more people and get inspired from them.
5. Take Toefl-iBT test and score over 100.

1. Inspired from https://chauthanhvu.com/2018/01/01/a-summary-for-2017-and-some-resolutions/

2017/01/01 Her

01/01 4:.56 I couldn’t express how I am happy when she have finally replied my message. Past one month is really tough and cold time for me. But I know there still have long hard road ahead, the winter may be even colder when she start focus to write her final thesis. I don’t know how to do now, really need some hint or help 😢

01/02 She ignored my Insta messages again. I am so impatient and irritating about her reaction. Why she keep distance with me, if she don’t like me or she already found the one please clearly tell me. Your vague feedback give me hope but also kill me softly. I don’t know how to overcome this feeling. But I think i would stop follow her if she still keep distance with me. I must admitted that when a girl keep distance with you, It means that she doesn’t like you but she is too shy to clearly tell you.

1/03 I really miss her so much but I know why. She gives me time to reflect inside myself to know what is my innermost. Am I really love her as I think and could we overcome mismatch between us when we meet each other. Love is so complicated, It needs a lot of factors to make two people become a couple. And I know that meet right people at right time, in right place is one of crucial point.

I am now at the bottom of sinusoidal life and I will try to my best.

1/07 Sunday

I have viewed her video about book introduction on Facebook and miss her so much. But i feel like I am having illusion about my missing. Reading “thinking fast and slow” of Daniel Kahneman make me think too carefull, reconsider all circumstances and lost my brave to risk on finding the one. But I will try not being effected by Kahneman, his theory is incredible amazing but it is general information. If we don’t take high risk how could we get high return and feeling happy of life. We must accept that life include : Happy, Sad, Angry, Calm, love, envious…. . So enjoy Life in your own way and respect others. I sometimes want to stop follow her because I feel disappointed, why i have tried every possible ways but she still seem have no emotion upon me. Is she the real the one or it is just my illusion about the maybe one. Should I stop follow her and focus on my present life, hangout with my nearby friend, finish work assignments, hunting good job for my future. I don’t know what should I do, i am feeling lost now, because in my mind, I want to have a happy family and a happy family will motivate you achieve higher career and hard working.

#1/07 Sunday 5:06 pm

I have just confessed to her about my feeling. I am ready to accept the reality of rejection. Waiting for it. If she didn’t answer I will stop send private messages to her to say that I have my pride and won’t waste time to follow unreal thing.

Good luck me.

10:28 She have seen my messages at 9:37 Pm how did she feel? I am dying to know her feeling. Does she think I am too crazy in love or insane people. I know that I am ready for the worst answer as know as painful rejection but I still feel nervous and anxious. Really don’t know how to calm down and keep focus on other works. Poor me :((

#1/09 11:40Am Tuesday Desperate waiting for her message. Don’t know what to do, how could I restrain my incomplete feeling. But I also worry about my real feeling, will I follow her everywhere she want if she accept to openly chat with me. How we handle generation distance and differences in perspective view. That is a tough problem but I hope I could lower down my ego, support her dream and amplify our common point.

8:09 Pm I have just saw a pic from her insta with thoughtful quote wrote in a quote card “Thích ai đó là hạnh phúc” – “Have someone to like is happy”. Okay T_T, I will keep optimistic and hope for the better future.

#1/10 1:30pm

I can’t help thinking about her. I want a clearly answer from her, but I must restrain from forcing he to answer my question. I know If I have excessive claim, I may receive a cruel fury, rage from her. So I only could write down my feeling here and hope in one day, she answers my questions. My only way to keep follow her is like her facebook and insta post everyday. I don’t know how long I could keep this motivation, but without them I can’t calm down my passion about her.

#1/11 6:07 Pm I don’t know why i miss her so much and desire to chat with her. Want to chat and talk more but she doesn’t update Facebook this time. Yesterday, I saw her was tagged on Vice FTU President ‘s post and not miss the chance to chat with her about that topic. But after one question I don’t know how to continue 😦 poor me.

#1/16 10:30 Am. I don’t know did I really miss her or I just want some one to chat, share feelings.

But every time I read her facebook or Insta, I feel intimate as I know her longtime before. They way of her thinking, feeling about life, close friend, family members show great care and support. I want to talk with her but I am troubling with which topic is suitable and make her feel easy to talk. Life is so complicated and not easy to solve.

#1/23 4:05Pm

Today, we have big match Vietnam – Quatar. I just want to find out a reason to talk with her and I asked will she watch this national match. She is online but not read and answer my questions. How anxious Am I in waiting for her messages. I feel I am a stupid and desperate follower. Miss her so much.

Wow Việt Nam win and ultimately she answered my messages. So lovely retraction and I hope for the best future of Us.