20180513, her, turning point of my life

#0513 Wake up in the morning and realized she has blocked my message and unfriend me on Facebook.

On the way to flight back to Japan and reflect on myself about my behavior in following a girl.

I have learned:

1. Don’t spam girl when she had said she don’t like you. Keep patient, be gentle and waiting for the right time to talk with her again, if not she will block or unfriend you, and it is more difficult to connect with her again.

2. If you really like a girl, don’t matter how did she treat you, block you, unfriend you or ignore your messages, you still like her and follow her. Your should understand that, to follow a perfect girl is an impossible task if you can’t overcome your ego and have enough patience.

3. Each girl have something to teach you, don’t waste time groaning why she don’t like you back, why she block you. Take time to reflect yourself and learn from your failure.

4. Decided to reconnect with a girl, who hate me, blocked me, unblocked me, I blocked her, and now unblocked her again :)). Because I think If I could endure her crazy character I should throw away my ego and follow her again . I accept to break my rule because I still like her. This time I will try just be friend and if we think we can be together. We will continue.

#0514 Change your way in following a girl

Everything take time, she taught me but I am too stubborn to accept it. Like yesterday morning when I drive car to Noi Bai Airport, I saw a sign said that I should go straight why My sister sad I should turn left. After one day rethinking about it, both are true because it also have a crossing bridge to connect with international departure T1. I know we should keep calm and discuss before giving any judgements to anyone.

#0515 Talk again with girl who had blocked me before

So our relationship looks like we hav divorced and now talk again. I felt so awkward and it is really a very uncomfortable feeling. But I still like and want to talk with her so I just want to give me a chance again. If she doesn’t accept it, I respect her choice. So a lot of stress. Could not understand how to flirt a girl. Or my “The one” still not appear. I don’t know, just try to do things I want and do it from bottom of my heart.

Honestly, I felt like I and her are getting divorced because she block my facebook, and I chose to follow a younger girl, after I got rejected by 96 girl I want to reconnect with her. Shameful me but I don’t care about my edo or my esteem, If I still like her I don’t care about past, just do thing I like.

I felt like I get lost in my mind and don’t know what to do, who should I follow, who really care about me.

Ok calm down and remember that you and she is noy friend and you should be gentle and respect her feeling.

#0517 Don’t know what to do so I keep freeze

I like her and want to chat or talk with her but I don’t know how to start. I am afraid of failure again =)). Poor me, I felt tired of following so I thought I should take rest for 2-3 month to reflect about my past action and figure out better way to approach girl I like.


20180506 Her, is she the actual the one of my life, I think so

I am sorry when I forgot my previous her so fast but I thought We don’t need spend time to care about people who don’t like us. Spend time on people who care about you and like you as you like them

#0506 I am anxious for tomorrow meet up with Her

She is a super active, cute girl from Law University. I like her English style, her positive thinking about life and the way she reply friend’s comment. I don’t know what should I do to impress her but I think, to be honest is the most importance character we need in our partner. So If I like her I won’t hesitate to let her know that and reasons why I like her. I hope she could give me a chance to understand her.

#hopeforthebest #Hopethingsgowell


#0507 can not hold my anxious feeling about meeting with her tonight

I felt this is the first date with some one who care about me. She is so special and I can’t help feeling about her and how to connect with her.

I just want her to lower her criteria in chosing the one of her life. I mean, i have overcome 33 years on the FA road to find the one, confront a lot of trouble and got ton of rejected. So I hope she could accept me as fast as she can do. Don’t make me tired in following the one anymore.

I could say I like her but I am not sure will she like me as much as I am and could overcome every trouble of life with me.

0508 7:01 Pm, wake up at 4:51 Am and writing this note. I feel the meet up went well. I know I am not going to find Ms. Perfect, I am going to find Ms. MutualLike, who I like and she also like me back. We still need time to increase connection to stand each other’s bad character =)). I will try to keep in touch with and hope things go well and we can overcome difference about opinion, character, esteem, ego….

#0508 Sent an email to boss about my postpone for work hope lucky will come


#0509 Totterring feeling about Her

Thinking about her all day and wandering, does she worth for me to off 1 week from work, shamelessly send her message to invite her hangout with me. I have my own pride, my validity, I will try my best until the end but I hope her know that and have suitable feedback. I realized that if a girl doesn’t care about you and you are merely an unilateral pity follower, she isn’t deserve your effort. Keep go on and I find the Ms. Care who can see good characters inside your soul through Facebook posts =))

Having 3 days remain and I hope I can use it effectively.

#0511 Pockyday and is Pocky Girl the right one for you or The one is Libra Girl

I have good impression about Her but I don’t know how to connect with her. I decided to follow both pocky girl and libra girl. If one of these girl is the right one, they will care about me as much as I care about her.

11:10 Am Libra girl ignore my invitation message and Pocky Girl gently reject my invitation with reason : She is busy, Her boss does agree her tp. Have break time to hang out with me. I know finding the one is not an easy task, I realized that I should appreciate girl who ignore me or reject my invitation, because they help me to know who is the right one and who really care about me and live with me for the remaining life. My future wife, please stay calm and patient, I am trying my best on the way to find you.

“Never give up, even when you see a dead end. Not until you try your best, because you will know you tried your best at the dead end”- Pinterest. Com

20180504 Can I meet Her at Sai Gon? THE END of my unilateral like.

Wake up at 3:17Am and Arrived at Noi Bai Airport at 4:07Am and couldn’t find a reliable reason to meet her. I feel I am so crazy and desperate.

Gate 5, Seat 34G. Is this flight will help me find the one or another flight. I don’t know but I believe that everything I do somehow help bring me closer to Her, The One of My life :).

I try to enjoy time in Sài Gòn and meet old and new friends, learn from them and be a better people of myself.

Hello summer and Sai Gon’s sunlight. I finally arrived Sai Gon and still don’t know how to send an natural message :).

#Message to her and she reply

“Thực ra là e rất thích Nhật :))) cũng có thể e sẽ đi học mba ở Nhật :))) chỉ là e ko thích anh. Dù sao cũng cám ơn anh ạ”.

That made me sad but necessary to provoke my mind that she don’t like me and don’t. I am a but sad but I mist accepted that we can’t force someone like if they don’t. Love need mutual like and If we got trapped in unilateral like we should find a way to get out. I don’t feel sad to much because it is unilateral like and we should waste our emotion for people who don’t like u.

Bye bye my tình cảm đơn phương bọ xít.

Waiting for better things will come in my life and enjoy every moment of life as It comes.

20180501 International Labor day back to Viet Nam

#0501 Today I go back to my grandfather’s home to have a party with descendent of our ancestors.

My parents, grandfather and my cousin in pink clothes.

Enjoy every moment of life as It comes.

Dog meat party with my cousin :))

#0508 Got ignored from Jack and I thought I should block him to not disturb him too much.

I am an annoyed people who send a ton of messages to him every day, groaning on about my feeling about temporary the one. I thought I shouldn’t bother him anymore and the most cruel way is the best way to get rid of him. I am sorry for blocking him on Instagram =))

20180405 Tsukuba Tennis life

#0405 I was refused by tennis

Today, I went to Maegaia Tennis school and hope meet some night tennis player but no one came.

I love tennis so much and want to play everyday but It is so hard to find tennis club or partner that could play everyday with you.

#0410 Happy days are comming

Wow, finally I have found some partner to practice tennis with. Yesterday, I have rally with Hiramoto san, She play very well. Later that, I play with Akao san, an officer of Citi hall. Today I have chance to practice with Nakano san, sorry I don’t remember his name, his skill is very good Stroke, slice, voley, smash, serve. I hope my skill will improve when I practice with professional people like him. I am excited looking forward tommorow.

#0420 Realized differences between Closed stance, Open stance and semi Open stance in Tennis

#0422 Bought second hand Pro staff RF 97 for 7107¥

I have just bought this amazing racket and have used them at night of April 23. Wow First time I have ever played with so much professional player. See you guys next time. I love tennis day by day.

20180402 Tsukuba Life

#0402 Waiting for express bus to Tsukuba

I am here waiting for you Bus to Tsukuba

Missing her, want to talk with her but still have no clue how to do

#0402 15:17 Tired and need a snap before write something

Drive 400km from Tsukuba to Nagoya, attend Hanami with visa Tokai and then comeback to Tsukuba by Night Bus and Morning Bus. Bought a new car from Merukari and go by train to take in at Chiba Prefecture. Wow Life is an endless journey and when you still feel happy that mean you are living useful life.

#0406 Can’t stop desire about instant return

Tsukuba University, Orientation day.

Help new students find their favorite activity, sport group, etc.

I bought a box of used tennis ball and five new wilson tennis pack to support Viet Tsukuba Tennis Club. I did this because I love tennis so much and I hope I could find someone who love tennis like me.

I always help people and don’t mind to giveaway utensils, household appliances. I want to have unconditional kind but my mind couldn’t stop thinking about getting help from other people when I need. I always ask myself, “I help a lot of people but why no one help me when I need. ” but I also know that my kindness is good but It takes time to have return, I couldn’t require everyone be kind to me.

I want to get rid of thinking that all people is the same, and everyone need to help me. It will drag me back and won’t make this world become better. You should do good thing and help people without desire for a return im short time. Your kind is recognized by yourself and the good return will come in unexpected time.

Keep optimistic and do good things.

#0408 Tennis Class on the morning, Hanami with student of Tsukuba University, Tennis with TITC

Another crazy day in my life, I attended a tennis class from 9:30-11:00 Am, joined Hanami with Viet Tsukuba from 12:00-14:30 and finally play tennis with TITC from 15:30-18:00. Now, I am thinking about future what I want to do, what is my priority, I am feeling loss motivation.

the This selfie picture with Viet Tsukuba prove that my selfie skill won’t lost, it only transform from too crazy to be more subtle and suitable.

#0412 First day at AIST, life is not easy

Today is my first day at work. My roommate A. Minh Hoàng took my bicycle so I must take his non-registered sport bicycle to AIST. When I came there I felt now welcome.

#0414 Hanama with intelligent research group

Wow I feel better at new working place.

Today I played tennis with Tsukuba University friends from 9-11Am. After that, I joined hanami with my new research group and we have some sort conversation. I am waiting for A Hai to come to play tennis with me.

I have waited two weeks for a new post from your facebook again and can’t stand anymore. I am going to sent you my feeling with Adele well-known song “Hello” although I have zero aptitude for music.

Sorry, It is me.
Going to spam you and your friends again
I was wondering if after all these spamm messages, you’d like to chat
To go over everything
They say that time’s supposed to forget you
But I ain’t done much forgeting

Hello, can you seen my messages
I’m in Tsukuba dreaming about the time with you at Kawana
When we were younger and free
I’ve forgotten how it felt before I must leave Nagoya

There’s such a difference between us
And a hundred miles

Hello from my lonely night
I must have called a thousand times
To tell you I’m sorry for every comment I’ve done
But when I call you never seem to have time

Hello from the outside
At least I can say I’ve tried
To tell you I’m sorry for taking your time
To read my comment and post that you were tagged
But it don’t matter it clearly doesn’t disturb you anymore
When you have chosen to ignore me

Hello, how are you?
It’s so… difficult to stop spamming your facebook.

spamming your notifications again

Send you a quote that I think I have learned from you :))

“Don’t worry about what others think. Just focus on yourself and be positive. Some people are always negative, so don’t let it bother you” – From Life learned feelings


Tired after a long fly from Japan to Viet Nam.

My dad ask for sweets to put on the altar to show respect to ancestor. I can’t keep calm and said that I don’t

20180401 Her, April fool, my birthday

#0401 April fool

I have sent a fun message to her on April 1 but she haven’t seen. I don’t know how to find a way to meet her in the end of this month because I will comeback to Việt Nam from April 29 to May 07.

#0405 She updated profile with hash tag : Trước giờ G… #wedding

When I was reading a blog Cùng Mình Lớn nhé of my new Facebook friend about love, life, suddenly Noti about her new profile came. When I read the caption I am wonder, was it is her wedding or someone wedding.

I have asked her through facebook messenger but She still doesn’t seen yet. I know she is the bright Sun in the Universe and I am a mundane man who is living on earth and dream about The sun faraway. I really want to write a short essay about the story “Đam san đi tìm nữ thần mặt trời” because I felt familiar with that story. I will try to show all my best to her, and if her know all of that and still think that Mundane Man and sun goddess is not the same level, I will leave without regret. You should accept fail in life and learn from it.

#0408 Consecutively sent spam messages to her, seen and keep silient

I miss her so much but I don’t know how to talk or chat with her. Because I couldn’t force her to reply if her doesn’t like. All things I need to do is keeping patient, take time and care about her as much as possible. Nothing is easy in this life.

# 0413 Friday, 13 I won’t let you demolish my relationship

Chat with Her on Friday 13 and received unexpected info that she will go to for 1 month trial period at a Company in Ho Chí Minh City from end of April. This new sounds like a stabbing pain in my heart because I am expecting to meet her in National Holiday, April 30.

I have bought 10 pair of very cute socks and desire to meet her so much. I won’t be defeated by you Friday, 13, I will try all possible way to keep connect with her as much as possible.

I will take a sleep to forgot this unlucky day and refresh my mind on next day. Good night all.

#0421 Stop following her to confirm my emotion

Turn off facebook chat, stop think about her to confirm that Am I really like her and Does her have any emotion about me. I know I like her so much but I don’t want to be unilateral follower anymore. Hope for the best for me, we need forget about negative things and heading to future life.

# 0423 Missing her but I will keep rational thinking for maximum 3 months

I know I will never forget her but I want her to be more active. If she have emotion to me she must do something. If she will never like me, I thought I must go, because I always wish her the best happiness and marry The one she like and I won’t force her to respond my crazy following.


I have learned from my friend Nguyen Xuan Phuoc, enjoy every moment of your life and don’t give burden to other. Let them feel free abd chose what they really want.

This is me, waiting at Tsukuba Bus station, gate 8 to go to Narita Airport. This is my mistake when I realized that I could to to Haneda Airport with cheaper fair =)). But I enjoy this trip because everything happen for a reason. It is no problem if you realized why you made mistake and how to respond to it.

Waiting at 24 boarding gate.